Grocery Outlet Recruitment Video

Early this year I was able to work on a pretty cool video for Grocery Outlet. I was responsible for lighting and camera and even got to act in a couple of scenes! I also did all the editing and graphics work. This was one of the first big projects that I took on after starting Wavelet Visuals and a lot of my friends offered to help. Big thanks to everyone who came out to support me! Enjoy:

Revelation: Behind the Scenes - UPDATE: TELLY AWARD WINNING!

Here is the four part behind the scenes video for Revelation: The Bride, the Beast, & Babylon. I was able to be heavily involved in this project from beginning to end, and these videos give a good picture of what a huge undertaking it was. I always enjoy seeing behind the scenes features and it's pretty cool to see everyone doing their thing... Plus, I get some rare time in front of the camera! UPDATE: Revelation behind the scenes won a telly award!

After May 21 Wins a Telly!

I helped with some of the editing and color grading on this short promo video for the supposed end of the world last year on May 21, 2011. It was submitted to the Telly awards and it won a bronze in it's category! It's really rewarding to see the video resonated with people that much. I'm really glad to have been even a small part of it.

World Relief Sacramento Promo

This video is a web promo for the Sacramento office of World Relief. They help refugees in many overseas countries with aid and they also help some of them relocate to the U.S. Their local office in Sacramento asked me to help them make a video that they can show to local churches and other groups who would like to help. They wanted to keep it simple so I shot some interviews and b-roll with their employees and volunteers and added some graphics to fill in the rest of it. It's all shot on the Canon 5D.